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Machete - Alpha Assembly

I glued everything together at this point. The spar and rib locater where glued together themselves first before being added to this assembly so that I could insure straightness. All other parts where then assembled before gluing
I cut off the inner side of the slot for this outside rib in the LE rail to allow it to rotate into place easier.
LE is sanded to fit against center rib.
Same for the TE.
The gap in these plywood pieces is oversized where they meet the rib locator
due to a material thickness change.
Cut the front tab off of the keel.(alpha)
Just to make sure everything was straight when gluing I did this.

Install Gussets

Some of the slots in the ribs are to deep at the TE. Line-up the TE with a straight edge before gluing.
The aileron LE needs to be sanded to a wedge shape, +/- 40 degrees, for control movement. As I discovered this is more than needed and will change the LE design later.


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