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Jump the gap between you and fun
with a "Sin-Naps"

Engineered with a goal towards simplicity, the Sin-Naps although simple in its construction, has great versatility due to its ability to accept many of the current popular power systems and radio gear. A great performer with a sleek look.

Design Highlights

Part Count: Minimizing part count means the assembly of the Sin-Naps is simple and quick.

Power Plant Configurability: The design includes parts for installing both 10x10 mm and 8x5 mm (horizontally and vertically) motor mounts allowing the installation of many popular motors such as: Razor, Astro Flight 010, GWS IPS-D & IPS. The kit also includes bulkheads for installing power systems like the AXI 2208 and the PJS 300SF.

Battery Trays: Depending on the motor used the battery can be positioned in one of two battery trays, thus optimizing the Center of Gravity position for each power system. The remaining tray can be used to mount the ESC (Electronic speed control) and/or Receiver.

Adjustable Servo Rails: Rails adjust between 0.7 and 0.93 inches to accommodate most current micro and sub-micro servos.

Wing Span: 26.0"
Wing Area: 170 sq.in.
Length: 27.0"
Weight: 8.0 - 11.0 oz
Wing Loading: 6.78 - 9.3 oz/sq.ft.
Recommended Motors: (Brushless): Razor 400, Astro Flight 010 10T - 5.33:1, 9070-1080 prop. Himax 2015-5400, AXI 2208, PJS 300SF, CDROM 8047 prop
  (Brushed): IPS-D, IPS, GWS EPS 300C-CS w/9070 prop, 5.33:1 or similar.
Batteries: 3Sx 700 - 3S x 1200 Lipoly
Channels: 4 (3 servo's)
Skill Level: Intermediate - Advanced
Videos: Sin-Naps- (4.5 MB wmv)
Sin-Naps Surf - (4.7 MB wmv) - Razor 400: 5.33:1, 3x700 Lipoly , Phoenix 10 ESC, GWS 4P Rx, 3xGWS Pico servo’s, Solar Film Covering – 245 grams (8.6 oz)
  Video #1 - (8.2 MB wmv) - Razor 400, EPS-C gearbox (5.33:1), 10x8 Prop, 3s x 700 Etech lipoly pack
  Video #2 - (4.8 MB wmv) - Razor 300, EPS-D gearbox (6.61:1), 3s x 700 Etech lipoly pack - DX-A hybrid, 7x5 Prop, 2s x 700 Etech lipoly pack
  Instruction Manual - (819kb pdf)





AXI 2208

AXI 2208



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