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Aerial Camera Platform Version
By: John Bauman

Cut the wing tips and one bay off each side of the non-aileron wing. The non-aileron wing ended with a rib at each extremity. Then cut the bay from the the wing tips leaving each wing tip with a rib on the inside.

Took the aileron wing panels and cut the spar, LE & TE flush with the first inside rib and tip rib. So I had wing panels with ribs at both ends.

Glued the original wing tips to the ends of the aileron wing panels. Cut a slot in each joining ribs of the original and aileron wings flush with the shear web so when glued together I could pass a piece of CF through the ribs and glue it to the shear web.

The wing span is right at 62". A real floater!

John Bauman

Here's the stress test:

3lb / 1375 grams Gell Cell battery.
The pic says it all!

Here is a pic of webs glued from the ribs to the TE where the ailerons attach. I put some Carbon Fiber tape on the top and bottom spar cap at the splice.


AF 010 14T, AF GB 3.3:1, 10x7 prop


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