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I strapped the 010 on to the Wasp this morning. All of my other 010's are either 5.33:1 or 4.43:1, but I bought this one for a plane that requires a smaller prop, it's a 1S (3.22:1). I ran it up on the Whattmeter, the 7x6 and 8x4.3 both pull 3.3 amps at 38 watts. An 8x6 pulls 4.6 amps at 51 watts. I strapped the 7x6 on with a 3x450 hi-po Kokam pack. All up weight is 7.2 ounces! That's WITH batteries!! I took it out back to try it out, but the wind was kicking up. I went ahead and flew it for a few minutes, as you might expect the performance is vastly improved over the DX-A. I couldn't quite do outside loops from inverted on the DX-A and just barely could do them on the hybrid, but on the 010 they were nice, big and round. Inside loops were a no-brainer and roll rate was swift. Very nice from what I could tell!

The 8x6 seems to be the ticket with this gearing! I was concerned about the amp draw, it draws 4.6 amps off the 8x6 which is excessive for the 3x600 HO pack. Wasn't a problem though, flies great at 1/2 throttle. Inside loops from level require a little more throttle, maybe 2/3. Inverted is pretty easy to hold at 1/2 throttle, not as smooth as a symmetrical airfoil but it is possible to do inverted laps around the field without losing any altitude. Pushing from inverted to an outside loop requires near full throttle, but it will outside loop nice and big on this setup.

Overall the Wasp responds quite nicely to the brushless setup! It definitely moves it from the intermediate category to the advanced, but the Wasp makes the jump quite well.

- Tres Wright









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