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The WASP was designed as a Compact Mid-level Electric Sport Aircraft. It has the ability to perform entry level aerobatics and even more advanced aerobatics when enhanced with a larger power system. CAD designed and Laser Cut for simple, accurate and quick assembly. It is constructed completely of Balsa and Plywood and is rugged yet light weight.

Wing Span: 26.0"
Wing Area: 156 sq.in.
Length: 24.8"
Weight w/o/b: ~5 oz. (142 grams)
Wing Loading: ~6.5 oz/sq.ft.
Recommended Motors:
(Brushed):GWS IPS-or greater, GWS EPS 350C-CS w/9070 prop, 5.33:1.
(Brushless): Razor 400 5.33:1 - 9070-1080 prop., Astro Flight 010 10T, AXI 2208, CDROM 8047 prop., Feigao 12mm
Channels: 3 - Ailerons, Elevator & ESC
Skill Level: Intermediate
Tres Wright's Wasp - Astroflight 010, GWS gearbox (3.22:1 ratio), EP0806 prop, 3 cell li-polys

Wasp Video #1 - (5.4 MB wmv)

Wasp Video #2 - (3.7 MB wmv)


Instruction Manual - 2.2 - (400kb pdf)


Bare bones after gluing and before sanding, 51 grams!


Nippy Wasp - Joe Howard
Nippy 808 Brushless
2S 1500 Kokam HD pack
Brushless Wasp ready for maiden
Flight Pics of the Nippy Wasp!
EPS Wasp - Martin Cloutier
GW/EPS-300C-AS/BB 3.75:1
3S 1200 LiPo/2s 1200 LiPo
Razor Wasp - WJ Birmingham
Razor 2500
2-Cell E-Tec 1200
RZ-2500 Powered Wasp
Astro Flight Wasp - Tres Wright
AF010 1S (3.22:1) - 8x6
3x600 HO pack
Beta build- The Wasp
PSJ 300 Wasp - James Cobb
Etec 2x1200/TP 2x1320
Anyone out there flying
a cl-i-max wasp?

DCM-189 Wasp - Gene Bond
Johnson DCM-189
E-Tec 3s x 700
Wasp Reserection!



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